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Index of the Catalogue:

Tine Hind / Trafficking
Jimbut Jun Feng / Poems
Mohamed Aboulenaga / The Lion
Gunnar Bay / Artist in Exile
Kjetil Berge / Tatli Müzik (Sweet Music)
Are Blytt and Per Kristian Nygård / Stealthiest State of Mind
Bodil Brems / The EXILE Game
Gerda Thune Andersen / No Place
Else Marie Bukdahl / Emigrants
Gerda Thune Andersen, Marit Benthe Norheim
and Moustafa Al Yassin / We are All in the Same Boat
Marit Benthe Norheim / Caravan Women
Nermin Durakovic / The Distance from and to
Nikos Giavropoulos / Self Exile
Jon Gislason / House on Iceland
Smike Käszner / God and Darwin in Art
Karen Kjær Laursen / Sad Rain
Sverre Raffnsøe / The Exile of Art
Nina Kleivan and Pernelle Maegaard / Travel Agency Wunderschön
Matthias Köster / Gravestone in Paris
Kirsten Lampert / Mixed media on paper
Iben From / Silkeborg Bad and refugees
Gunnar Saietz / G. Zaienz, The Exile Artist
Cornelia Schleime / Paintings
Jeanette Land Schou / Buddies - They Always Find a Way & The Turn
Vicky Steptoe / Story of Ida
Bent Hedeby Sørensen / No Name
Le Pont Gallery, Syria, presenting the following
photographers from the Middle East:
Issa Touma-Nazem Jawish-Eman Ebraheem-Hassan Alsoud-Ayham Dib
Kim Wendt / The Exile Within
Ralf Ziervogel / The Exile of Thoughts
Karsten Vogel / Alienated
Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam / Documentary film
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